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Gay Class Boats continued

HMS Gay Dragoon (above) at 40 knots was on passage from Bucklers Hard back to 'Hornet. At the second attempt, as on the first, she blew the Port Outer engine and had to be returned to the contractor. It was after this trip that the 7th Ferry Crew re-commissioned her.

An unusual shot (above) of the stern of HMS Gay Carabineer showing the newly fitted "Transom Flaps". These were eventually fitted to all the 'Gay' class FPB's.
(Photo courtesy of Les Brown \ Vosper Thorneycroft)

The stern of a 'Gay' class boat.
The emergency steering position with its binnacle can clearly be seen.

(Courtesy of Les Brown\Vosper Thornycroft)

Above - What is believed to be the 2nd FPB Squadron moored at Westminster Pier in the pool of London, after escorting the Royal Yacht "Britannia" with the President of Portugal aboard. HMS Gay Dragoon is identified as the boat right foreground, while HMS Dark Aggressor is identified as being immediately astern of her. The middle boat foreground is thought to be the then Senior Officer of the 2nd FPB Squadron's craft, HMS Gay Forester. The National Flag of Portugal can be seen as flying alternately between the Union Flags while the rating on Guard Duty, seen by the gangway, is still wearing the Black cap (and Sea Jersey). This illustrates that the photo was taken during Winter Dress Rig regulations, in force between October and May in Home waters. The Dress Rig Regulations for Home Waters were in force up until the beginning of summer of 1956 at which point the familiar White Cap and White "T" shirt were worn throughout the year.
Photo: Courtesy of Ted Else

Gay Archer enters the water after many years ashore.
Courtesy Ted Else


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