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Type: E-Boat
Service: German Navy
Builders: Johann Schlichting boatyard
Year Built: 1943
Number Built:  
Displacement: 110 tons
Length: 34.94m
Beam: 5.28m
Draught: 1.67m
Engines: 3 x MB511 V 20cyl
Max Speed: 40 knots
Please note that S97 was broken up during 2004.

7th November 2004

S130 was safely towed to Plymouth on 6th/7th November 2004, from Southampton. She passed the postion where the Slapton Sands raid took place, en route. She lay at bouys until the 25th November 2004, in Plymouth,when she was put on a cradle and slipped at Mashfords Shipyard, Cremyll, Cornwall. This is over the water from Plymouth at Torpoint, and there is a nice hotel in Cremyll should any wish to visit her. The future restoration plans will slowly evolve as time this space..!!"

30th October 2004

The deck covering work on S130 was completed on Saturday 30th October, and applications of waterproofing completed Sunday 31st October. All requirements of the Salvage Association surveyor (for insurance cover) were completed by Monday 1 November. MCA surveyor attended on Wednesday 3rd, and provided certain items attended to, he issued the boat with a LLExeption. These were all attended to on Friday 5th November. The Salvage Association attended at 1600 on the Friday and passed the tow and tug as fit to go at 1730. Insurance was issued to cover Third Party only. This excludes removal of wreck. This means that should the boat sink at any time, the trust is responsible for the cost of the recovery operation. The e-boat left Empress Dock under tow, at 2000 on Friday the 5th October. Charles Du Cane advises that she arrived Plymouth safely about 1400 on Saturday the 6th. The tug Skipper on Willanne, advised that the tow went according to plan, with no problems experienced. She was off Slapton Sands about 0800 on the Saturday morning. Charles arranged for a mooring on buoys at HMS Raleigh, pending slipping within the Mashfords Yard between 15th and 18th November.

Empress Dock Oct 2004

Empress Dock Oct 2004

Empress Dock Oct 2004

Empress Dock Oct 2004

Empress Dock Oct 2004

Empress Dock Oct 2004

S130 September 2004

S130 was slipped on the 2/9/04 at the Hythe Marine slipway, here in Hythe which is about 2 miles from Marchwood, Southampton. I had previously found the sea cocks open, which explained a lot of water in the hull, but even with those closed, she took water. On examination of the underwater hull, it was found that a previous damage amidships, close to the keel on the starboard side, had been very lightly covered over.
Whilst resting on the mud at low tide, a piece of heavy timber had become set under the keel at the same postion as the repair.

The keel had splintered at that point and the light damage covering had been displaced,
allowing water ingress. Various other damage was found, and to cover all options, we removed all grilles and covered over all underwater inlets, as well as replacing any bad patching. We bolted the keel in way of splintering, with steel plates.

The forward torpedo farings had been ripped off, and caused damage in that area. To allow a safe tow to a new home, we covered both torpedo tubes with fibre glass.
All above waterline exhaust outlets were bunged. The boat has been painted both underwater as well as above, and please excuse the colour if it is not exact, but costs have to be kept down. The numerals were placed at about the average position , which we obtained from the various pics on web sites.All the paint work was done by Trust volunteers, whilst the repair work was carried out by Hythe Marine Services.

S130 was taken by tug, from the slipway, to the Southampton Boat Show, where a slow sail by was performed. We had supplied the Show organisers with a briefing for the announcers to use, whilst we were passing by. She then went to a berth alongside a pontoon in the Empress Dock, to await a decision on her next move.

On Friday 17th morning we were alarmed to find that she had taken considerable water
overnight, down aft. We pumped her dry, and inspected for obvious leaks, which were not found. We hoped that a pinching up of the dry hull would prevent further water ingress.

On Saturday morning 18th,  the same amount of water had entered the hull. We pumped her out yet again, and on close inspection found a small but steady inflow of
water around the centre rudder stock. As access to this is very restricted, we decided to put a cement box around the leak, using dry cement mix of quick setting value !!

On Sunday the 19th, the boat is found to be dry, so a sigh of relief all round. We have covered all upperdeck openings as best possible against water ingress. As the boat has a port list, probably due to the generator being on the port side in the engine room, we needed to get her upright. We shifted ballast available in ingots, to the starboard side. We are using the starboard fuel tank, just aft of the engine room, as a water ballast tank, and she will be upright shortly. There are 3 tanks in this position, and they are specially fitted into the hull. These must be about the only original fittings left in her now, except for the centre propellor shaft and steering position.

We now await the next step in S130 future, and hope for good this space.

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S130 alongside Empress Dock Southampton 25th September 2004.
(The red item amidships belongs to the barge behind her)

S130 on the slipway at Hythe Marine slipway, morning 16/9/04, prior to launch

The bow of S130 on the slip 16/9/04

Launched on 16/9/04

At the Southampton Boat Show

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