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Modelling the Boats

The purpose of this chapter is to introduce those whose interest is in the Boats, but due a variety of circumstances, will never own the real thing, to create their own part of history. We have asked an expert modeller, Christian Sheppard-Capuro to introduce the chapter, and we hope you benefit from the possibilities available.


The huge expense in terms of money and man-hours involved in owning an ex-Coastal Forces craft leads some of us enthusiasts to have a go at building small scale replicas of our favourites. It is a great way to better familiarise with these boats, and once you’ve finished you will be able to take an imaginary walk along the decks of your dream boat, knowing exactly where every last fitting is.

Depending on ability and wallet thickness there are a number of different ways to get started, I’d suggest that the best way forward for the beginner is to tackle one of the many 1/72nd scale kits currently available from Airfix and Revell, and either build these as per the plans or modify them to represent similar craft (many of the supplied fittings and armaments will be useful as well as the hulls, e.g. converting the famous Airfix Whaleback kit to an MGB or MA/SB is quite an easy task).

Requiring a little more skill, a Dremel-type tool and access to additional materials, several semi-kits at 1/48th scale are available from Sirmar and others at 1/24th scale from HSL Mouldings. These include hulls, fittings and plans.

1/24th scale kits offering fair representations only of several RAF and RN types are offered by Deans Marine.

The next step up would be to purchase a hull only, usually these are more accurate and are offered by more specialist suppliers such as Kingston Mouldings and Metcalf Mouldings and are usually supplied with a detailed plan. Fittings and armaments at 1/24th scale are widely available if you do not want to tackle these.

The ultimate challenge is be to build a scale model from plans only, from scratch and using similar build methods and materials as the real thing (see Mr Childs’ superb Gay Class FPB under the Modelling section of the forum).

For those of us without the very special skills and tools required for this other methods can be used, a favourite is to build a “plug” using plywood, Formica or whatever and filler and take a GRP mould off this. The resulting GRP hulls taken from the mould are strong and lightweight, essential for working models which are likely to be handled by friends and family.

The hours you will spend modelling pass by at an astonishing rate, hopefully you will find it therapeutic and relaxing rather than a constant test of patience!

An idea of what can achieved: (Thanks once again to Christian)

Discussing the Boat models

May we suggest that you visit the Trust "Forum" to see whart is happening on the modelling front. Please feel free to ask those participating, any questions you may have.

Recommended sites to visit:
(Please mention the Trust if you purchase from these vendors...!)

Links of interest:

The Trusts own models
The Trust has a small but ever increasing collection of models. Should anyone wish to donate a model this will be gratefully accepted into the collection.

We hope you get
much enjoyment
from modelling.

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