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THIS IS THE FORUM FOR THE BMPT WEBSITE. It is intended for like minded people all over the world to discuss a variety of aspects of the military boats of the 20th century. The intention is for it to be a positive discussion group of like minded individuals who are interested in preserving this part of British heritage.

15th May 2013

We have re-opened the forum to new applications for membership having installed increased security on the website.

IF YOU ARE GOING TO ATTEMPT TO REGISTER ON THIS FORUM WITH THE SOLE INTENTION OF ENTERING SPAM - DONT BOTHER! We will be monitoring new registrations closely and you will be removed and blocked from any further use or re-registration on this forum.

TERMS OF USE In using this Forum you agree not to use any offensive or abusive language and you agree not to use it for any other purpose than discussion, in particular it is not to be used for the sale of any items. Any links to another web site must be relevant and not be engaged in selling any items or any offensive activity. The Administrators reserve the right to delete any offensive posts and also delete the registration of any offending member and bar them from future use of the Forum.

HOW TO ENTER THE FORUM When you press the Enter Forum link below, the Forum site will open in a new tab or window. You will be required to register to join in the discussions providing a username and password as a minimum - no other details are required. If already registered you will just need to login. All postings can be anonymous, your privacy is maintained at all times and no details will be passed to any other party. You may view our Privacy Policy here.

PICTURES UPLOAD You can upload pictures in a post on the forum. Just look for the Images Upload button in the Post New Topic or Reply panel. When you press it you will be able to browse to a picture on your computer, select it and place in your post. BUT the picture must be less than 200kb in electronic size otherwise the upload will not be accepted. This is because large pictures take too long to download for people to view them. Please also ensure that the file name is short, with no spaces and only alphanumeric characters.

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