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142 Puma

Type: Fast Attack Craft - Torpedo
Service: Federal German Navy
Builders: Lurssen Werft, Bremen Vegesack
Year Built: 1962
Number Built: 40
Displacement: 190 tons std, 225 tons max
Hull: Round Bilge / composite
Engines: 4 x Mercedes Benz 418 (MTU) diesels
Max Speed: 42 knots

Sold for scrap March 2004

40 of this class of boats were built. The first 20 were known as Type 140 "Jaguar" class, the next 10 were known as "Seeadler" class and the final 10 were known as 142 "Zobel" class. The military name was "Puma" and the armaments consisted of 2 x 40mm Bofors L70 guns (single) and 2 x21" Seal wire guided torpedo tubes. The current registration of this boat is Monrovia - Liberia with an official number L3222585, and LR number of 2581010 and the call sign HQQA2.






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