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Please note that S97 was broken up during 2004.

The Crackington E-Boat
Introduction : A brief report and description of the wreck of a German S-boat - better known to the Allies as an E-boat (a generic term for Enemy Boats ) - that was lost on the coast of North Cornwall in October 1946.
The Wreck of S89 : The remains of S89 are in position 50° 45.6'N 004° 38.3'W (OS Map Ref. SX138966) in the inter-tidal zone of Tremoutha Haven, a small bay of situated immediately south of Crackington Haven.

The full Crackington Report is available as an Acrobat File
to download from here

Gosport 1945- 3 E Boats arrive at the end of the war

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