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MGB118 / MTB437

July 2015

A visit to MGB118 - ex MTB437 and MGB148…builders number 1819 at British powerboat.

She has just been bought and will be re-converted to house boat proper.
The original whaleback is still in place, from the forward end of the wheelhouse, cut off, to the back end of the sliding hatch. The cockpit and the sliding door are gone, and covered over.

However, the wheelhouse side windows and radio room drop down windows are still there, and are Perspex.

Many fittings which are original are still in place, the basin and cupboard in the forward end head, the watertight doors with locking pins, 2 pounder corner bracket supports etc, and these have been donated to us for inclusion in 81.
What is interesting, and about which we would like any information, are the 2 fittings in the ammunition room, forward of the wheelhouse, and attached to the outer skin. One on the port side, and the other on the starboard side, further aft than the port side one. (Just below my shoe you will see the ridge of the starboard one).They appear to be brass, and have fittings to take a lid..has anybody any ideas please?

Also noted when I entered the forward mess area, is that this boat is exactly the same layout as is 81, it was like going back in time, with name tag holders on each locker lid, but no name tags unfortunately..more to follow.

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