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LCA (Landing Craft Assault-Fox-Trot 8)


Fig. 1 - LCA Afloat on Mast Pond
Build details: LCA F8
Length Overall: 43 Feet
Length on Waterline: 38 Feet
Beam: 10Ft. 6 Inches
Draft: 18 Inches
Weight: 12.5Tons
Construction: Marine ply on a hardwood frame. The troop deck and conning tower have Bullet Proof steel plating protection.
Date Built: 1959/60
Boat Yard: Camper & Nicholson Gosport


Assault Craft Foxtrot 8 is one of a total of four assault craft of this type carried on davits two each side on board HMS Fearless..

The craft are powered by two diesel engines (similar to those found in a London bus). The propellers are located in tunnels at the stern allowing the craft to be beached when deploying the troops.

Fox trot 8 was in service in the South Atlantic during the Falklands war and with her sister craft played a major part in landing Marine contingent on the Falkland Islands. She was bought by the PNBPT in 1997 from Hughes Marine Services (H.M.S.) a boat salvage yard. A sister craft to Fox-trot 8 can be seen at the Royal Marine Museum Southsea. It is believed that these two craft are last remaining of their type.

Foxtrot 8 was built to a design similar to those used during the Second World War.

Fig. 2 - Side elevation of LCA


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