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November 2018 News mainly from BH4 in the Portsmouth Naval Dockyard


LCT 7074: The NMRN have announced that they have full funding from the HLF to display 7074 outside the D-Day Story in Southsea next year (I'm unsure if it'll be in time for the D-Day anniversary though). I've been doing a lot of voluntary research on her over the last year, and I can say that there'll be a lot of fascinating information coming out on her next year.

MGB 81: Now back in the water and on trials. Reached more than 30 knots last week. Some footage here:

RML 497: She'll move up to Hartlepool in the New Year. Enjoy this brilliant little video from NMRN:

Landing Craft F8: Now being restored in Boathouse 4, along with a few other steam launches.

CMB 4 Replica: A working replica of Coastal Motor Boat 4, due for completion in 2020. Now starting to take shape.

Some of you have seen this article in Portsmouth News and the online version includes a list of boats earmarked for display there. Some of these are subject to confirmation but, looking on Farcebook, MASB 27 is coming along well, and work is happening again on Gay Archer.





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