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What's New? - From the Yardarm cont.

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News Brief

As you will see from the attached release, the EGM went very well. We needed to have a 100% return of the postal votes to allow these to be counted on the day, and as we did not achieve this, we had to use the floor vote as the deciding vote. This vote was 100% in favour of the merger, and we are now starting the move to Portsmouth.

Please be advised that the BMPT Ltd final Annual General Meeting is called for 1100 on Saturday 25th July 2009.

We are extremely fortunate in that the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust has offered to host this event, which will be held within the Historic Dockyard. As we will be catering for those Members and their partners attending, could we ask that you advise us if you will be joining us on the day.

We enclose herewith free All-Inclusive tickets to all the Historic Dockyard attractions, HMS Victory, HMS Warrior, The Mary Rose, the Royal Naval Museum, Action Stations as well as Harbour Tours, so why not consider making an overnight stop in Portsmouth.
We enclose a brochure covering the Royal Maritime Club, about 5 minutes walk from the Historic Dockyard. Please ring the Club for availability and costs, which are extremely reasonable for bed and breakfast.
There is a pay car park about 5 minutes walk from the Club.
Whilst this may be the final day of the BMPT Ltd, it is the beginning of a new life for both our Membership as well as our boats. We are confident that the boats will be well looked after and available for many thousands to see, well into the future, something we have been unable to achieve on our own.
The merger will allow all our Members to join the PNBPT Volunteers, and so be able to continue working with and on the boats. If you would like to join, please ask us for a form. We enclose a PNBPT Volunteers News Letter for your perusal.
It is sincerely hoped that the very popular web site will be continued for those who use it so often, from all over the world. We will let you know how this progresses in due course.

The Board wishes to thank all the Members for their continued support over the years, without which support we could not have survived for such a long time.


As the BMPT closes down, Membership will automatically be discontinued. We respectfully request therefore, that all Members should terminate their standing orders to the Trust, with immediate effect please.
Along with all the Trusts assets, any funds we have left will be handed over to the PNBPT, with instructions that these funds are to be used for the upkeep of the boats passed over to the PNBPT for their onward care.


R Hellyer

023 8089 0900

P Baillie


01425 613722



T Ford


023 8089 1628

22 The Warren


T Alston

Mem. Sec

023 8089 2638



D Ross


01590 612552

SO45 2QB


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We have just added a new link to a sister website - PT728 - in the USA who are involved in the restoration of 4 WWII era PT boats. Click here for links page.

RASC Coquet (Royal Army Service Corps.)

A rare opportunity to take part in a round Britain voyage in a fully restored and
re- engined classic ex-Military vessel.

I am seeking crew willing to help run the boat, and would be keen to take any
interested people who are prepared to share the experience as well as the expenses.

Early days 1945

Old wheelhouse

Found again


Download PDF here to read more on RASC Coquet (Royal Army Service Corps.)

The 2nd MTB Flotilla.
Escape from Hong Kong.
Christmas day, 1941.

This article came to me from Richard Hide in Hong Kong.
Richard has approved that I should put it up on the BMPT web site, and I thank him for this, as it tells of a fascinating part of our Coastal Forces history, a long way from home, a long time ago.

Since I set up the original “Escape from Hong Kong” site some 12 years ago I have had a number of 2nd and 3rd generation escapees contact me/each other. 
The one legged Admiral Chan Chak’s twin sons have become family friends and we are planning a Museum exhibition next year, 2009, at the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence.
We are also organising a re-enactment of the escape next Christmas, hopefully coinciding with the opening of the Museum exhibition.
This is the most complete account of the escape, as they were all sworn to secrecy, and many took it to their graves.
I have quite a number of diary accounts which put the meat on the bones so to speak, as well as the official reports. 
There are a few books published covering the escape:  “Escape from the Blooded Sun” by Freddie Guest published in 1956.   “Mediterranean MTB’s at War” by L.C. Reynolds and H.F. Cooper 9ISBN 07509922745);  “Hong Kong Full circle 1939-1945” by Alexander Kennedy (500 copies privately printed in 1969).

What I have not covered are the events of 19th December 1941 when MTB’s  07 and 09, Ashby & Kennedy attacked the Japanese landing craft in Kowloon harbour.   They came under intense fire from both Hong Kong Island as well as the Kowloon side, ships and aircraft.   They found that their wash was their best deterrent, turning over the landing craft.
07 was hit from an aircraft, taking out one of her three V8 engines and killing the Leading Stoker. 

The Telegraphist was sent below to take his place, when he was also killed, and the 2nd engine knocked out.
Kennedy on 09 noticed that 07 had slowed, then stopped, as her 3rd engine died. He came in under heavy fire and towed 07 out.
My father was the Acting Stoker PO. in 07.
MTBs 12 and 27 were lost in the action.
Officially they lost all hands, until a lone survivor of 12, living in Birmingham, contacted me.   Alf was on the conning tower when they took a direct hit.   He woke up on the beach tied up with barbed wire.
08 blew up on the slip in Aberdeen when the Japs were bombing HMS Thracian, Kilbee the C/O went to 10 as 1st Officer, but was ordered off at the point of escape.  

I got to know Laurence Kilbee as he lived close to me, but sadly he passed away two years ago. 
 The only know escapee still alive is Admiral, then Lt-Commander Henry Hsu, the Admiral’s ADC.   Henry had a very distinguished career after the war and lives in Taipei.   As well as being a member (now honorary) of the IOC, he was also an MP in Taiwan, and head of the Taiwan Red Cross.

To read the full story, visit Richard Hides site..

Click here to see a pdf of pictures and details of the 2nd MTB Flotilla
(pdf - 1.3 MB)

For those of you who need a very efficient website, and associated site services, we at BMPT have been very lucky to have chosen Forest Design to attend to this work for us, for many a year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Forest Design and the very efficient team involved, for looking after our interests so well.

      MTB 102 TRUST

Patron: First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Jonathon Band, GCB. Reg. Charity No 1114950. Reg. Company No 3272289

Hilltop, Castle Street, Wroxham, Norfolk, NR12 8AB.
01603 782068

Click here to send an email
3rd November 2008

The MTB102 Trust wishes to announce that it has taken over Newsons Boatyard at Lowestoft with effect from today, 3rd November 2008.

This is a major step forward for the Trust and is intended to provide a permanent home for MTB102 and similar vessels, some of which are already waiting in the wings.

The Trust intends to continue to run the yard as a traditional wooden boat repair facility with the present highly skilled and dedicated staff and build it into the UK Centre of Excellence in this field.

We have plans in place to renew the out dated western pontoons to the standard of the new eastern pontoons providing eleven new berths and to pile the main quay head to improve boat hard standings. Hopefully this will be completed by next spring.

As this is a major financial undertaking for the MTB102 Trust, we hope that you can be of assistance to us in promoting this venture and helping with fund raising either directly or indirectly by introduction to the right people in the right place.

There have been many attempts in the past by various organisations to secure the future of historic wooden military vessels, some of which we have been involved with, some not. We now feel that the steps we are taking are the right ones to achieve the desired result.

Richard Basey,

MTB102 Trust. 

A personal History-

Polish MTB's. Read Tim Deacons latest update here. Any information you may have in this regard will be very welcome.



HRH Prince Michael of Kent GCVO has graciously accepted an invitation to become Honorary Admiral of the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships, a post held since 1982 by Raymond Baxter OBE, the Association’s co-founder until his death in 2006.

The Association was formed  in 1966 to bring together as many survivors as possible of the brave little craft which helped in the dramatic evacuation of 338,000 British and Allied troops from the beaches of Dunkirk in the dark days of May/June 1940.  They were a motley yet heroic collection of river launches, yachts, pleasure steamers, fishing boats, lifeboats and the like, not built for war but coming from the rivers and coastal waters of eastern and southern England.

Of the original 800 or so that took part in Operation Dynamo 68 years ago, some 120 are currently members of the Association, their owners meeting regularly.  The British Admiralty granted them the right, traditionally reserved for Admirals of the Royal Navy, to fly the cross of St George on the jack staff of their vessels when cruising together in company.  To this flag was added the town of Dunkirk’s crest, which then became the Association’s House flag, flown by members from the starboard yard arm of their historic small craft.

The Little Ships return to Dunkirk every five years, escorted by the Royal Navy.  In the intervening years they meet afloat annually, usually on the east coast on the exact date of Operation Dynamo to commemorate the evacuation.
In an extract from his foreword to “The Little Ships of Dunkirk”, published for the 50th Anniversary of Operation Dynamo in 1990, HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, wrote:

“For all who remember the dramatic evacuation of the British Army from Dunkirk in 1940, it was little short of a miracle.  The most moving and unexpected element of that whole astonishing event was the intervention of what have become known as the Little Ships of Dunkirk.

Thanks to the care of their present owners, 150 of these, now elderly and fragile Little Ships, survive to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of those proud days.”

John Tough, the present Commodore of the Association and grandson of Douglas Tough, who played such an important role in assembling more than 100 Little Ships on the Upper Thames prior to Operation Dynamo, said:

“We are greatly honoured that Prince Michael has accepted our invitation to become the Association’s Honorary Admiral.As Patron, President and Honorary Admiral of a number of maritime charities including Honorary Rear Admiral of the Royal Naval Reserve, Prince Michael will bring with him a wealth of experience and we are all looking forward to welcoming him into our historic Association.”

HMCS Haida boat restored - click here for details

New boat for sale - Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep, built 1946, of teak; keel, frames, webframes, bulkheads, planking, deck, everything. Deckbeams of unknown but very rotresistant tropical hardwood. Teak floorplanks and wheelhouse. Wheelhouse extended in solid teak, for access to aft cabin end ER. Stainless steel A316 watertight doors from former cargohold to stairs to wheelhouse and from aftcabin to ER. A316 fueltanks not connected yet and A316 tanks for daily fuel 100L each. Click here to read more >>>

Latest news on Hythe Marine Park

Briefing on Hythe Marine Park.

Since SEEDA completed the acquisition of Hythe Marine Park, it has attracted a number of marine occupiers which will contribute to the regeneration of this important waterside employment site.

Current or confirmed occupiers as of May 2008 are as follows:

Palmer Johnson
Aluminium Shipbuilders
Choose Design

Griffon Hovercraft (John Gifford)
Portland Marine
Coatings Solutions (UK)
Fenwick Inspection Services

SEEDA have also contracted the following suppliers to work at
Hythe Marine Park.

Property Managers: CB Richard Ellis and A&I Technology
Ship Lift Facility: To be operated by A&I Technology from June 2008
Site Security: Interserve UK
Electrical and Access works contractors: Trant Construction/Dyer & Butler

The 20,000 square metres of industrial and office space has already created around 50 jobs, with this figure set to increase significantly following the completion of site improvements works.   Upon completion of the works, the official opening of Hythe Marine Park in Sept (date tbc) will mark the successful completion of the first phase of this important project for the UK marine industry.  The site is expected to create in excess of 300 jobs in the marine industry over the next 3 years. 

Ship Lift Facility

In addition, SEEDA is working with A&I Technology to bring forward the operation of the Ship Lift Facility by summer 2008.  The slipway offers a unique facility for the marine industry in the Solent area.  The Slipway has a hangar of approximately 10,000m² which houses a platform (cradle) lift and slipway.  The slipway hoist can move vessels of around 50 metres length overall (LOA), and up to 750 tonnes (approx) up the railed slipway.

The internal rail system which operates throughout the hangar that allows for traversing and dry docking of multiple vessels, protecting them from the elements.  With the addition of a removable steel extension to the slipway cradle, larger vessels of up to 55m (approx) LOA can be slipped.

Working Berths

The site benefits from a number of alongside berths with varying drafts and wet working areas, including fixed barge platforms, pontoons and a sea wall.  All of the provided working areas in the water are with provision of services.  These facilities will be improved through further investment by SEEDA over the next 2 years.

Forthcoming Site Improvements

As well as site wide infrastructure improvements, the slipway will also benefit from a major upgrade, providing project offices, equipment storage and welfare facilities..

S130, the German s-boot which was brought to the Trust, from Germany, for restoration a number of years ago, is now the Property of Mr K Wheatcroft.

The original restoration plans fell through, and the Trust bought the boat for £1.00, in order that arrangements could be made for her future.

The Trust as you will remember managed to have the boat brought to a suitable condition afloat, for towing to Plymouth, where she was slipped for restoration. This however did not materialise, and in the end, the boat was sold to EISCA for £1.00. EISCA,we understand, in turn sold it on to Mr Wheatcroft.

Mr Wheatcroft has made arrangements to have the boat taken ashore, and the progress of the restoration can be seen on the web site....

S130 still appears under discussion on our Forum, and we welcome any comments and questions which you may have. 

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